China Top Quality Bearing Manufacturer Pioneer and the Biggest Manufacturing and Sales Base of Bearings in China

Company Profile

Wafangdian Bearing Co., Ltd.

Wafangdian Bearing Co., Ltd., the backbone of China’s bearing industry, has always been leading the industry trends. ZWZ has firstly developed bearings for heavy truck, railway wagon,railway coach, railway locomotive, metallurgical mill, machine tool spindle, automotive wheel and wind turbine.Through over half a century with winds and rains, starting as a company that produced bearing parts and and bearing equipment, ZWZ has gradually developed into a modern enterprise which mainly produces bearings for major technical equipment and became the biggest manufacturing and sales base of bearings in China. ZWZ has made great contribution to development of national bearing industry and was awarded as National Service Enterprise by society and was called “China’s bearing hometown”by Party and state leaders.