First Domestic Nickel-based Alloy Large-size Strip Coil off Baosteel Assembly Line

Recently, the first nickel-based alloy large-size strip coil goes off the assembly line in Baosteel Special Material. This marks that Baosteel Special Material, through domestic first continuous casting-steckel hot rolling-cold rolling process, achieves large-size heavy nickel-based corrosion resistant alloy and precision alloy products bulk stable supply. The product maximum width reaches 1250 mm and maximum coil weight is up to 16 tons, filling the domestic gap. At present, the products have full access to the market. Known as the "most complex alloy", nickel based alloy's relative application temperature is the highest among all ordinary alloy system. Within range of 650-1000 degrees Celsius, it has good strength and good oxidation resistance and gas corrosion resistance capacity. According to the different main performances, it is divided into nickel-based precision alloy and nickel-based corrosion resistant alloy. In recent years, nickel-based alloys are increasingly used in marine engineering, environmental protection, energy and petrochemical fields. But its production is difficult, with stringent steelmaking and rolling process requirements. At present, due limited technical capabilities, China can only produce small specification veneer precision alloy and corrosion resistant alloy products. Wide plates mostly depend on importation. In 2009, Baosteel Special Material built and put into operation the first domestic alloy strip production line and included precision alloy and corrosion resistant alloy products into the product list. This project draws on the international advanced equipment and technology and gathers Baosteel Special Material and Baosteel Group Central Research Institute research results. After puting into operation, Baosteel Special Material analysizes, explores and produces, continuously exploring and adjusting process route. It adopts first domestic continuous casting-steckel hot rolling-cold rolling process, solves precision alloy smelting purification technology and steckel hot rolling process series of technical problems, successfully develops large-size strip coil nickel-based alloy products with stable process, qualified performance and good surface quality. Last year, precision alloy and corrosion resistant alloy products run through the whole production line. This year, Baosteel Special Material expands product specifications, opens up market and achieves product stable bulk supply.