ZWZ special grease technology leads the domestic bearing industry

In a large bearing coal mine in Inner Mongolia in China, the working environment of the motor in the underground is relatively high. When using the grease commonly used in the market, there is often a large amount of grease leakage, which leads to high temperature rise and failure. After switching to the special grease for ZWZ motor bearings developed by ZWZ Group, the temperature rise of the bearing dropped significantly, and the problem of grease leakage was greatly improved.

zwz new grease

Bearings are the "heart" of the manufacturing industry, and lubricating greases are the "blood" of the manufacturing industry. They have been recognized as the fifth largest component of bearings in the industry. Both are indispensable supporting products for mechanical equipment. ZWZ Group has established a lubrication research team and cooperated with well-known lubricating grease manufacturers to carry out localized substitution of imported lubricating greases. After sufficient market research and focusing on customer needs, ZWZ Group adjusted the formula in a targeted manner on the basis of a large number of bearing design and manufacturing, testing and application data, and successfully developed six major categories of steel, automobile, wind power, motor, cement and paper making. Series, 22 grades of special grease for ZWZ bearings.

ZWZ brand grease aims to lubricate medium and high-end bearings. From formula design, raw material selection to manufacturing process, all of them are benchmarked against international advanced grease manufacturers. Test data and scale application data show that the quality of ZWZ brand grease has reached the leading position in China. ZWZ steel bearing grease has been shown by customer application that this series of grease has good thermal stability, mechanical stability, water resistance and wear resistance. Compared with similar global products, it has also improved to varying degrees. In terms of bearing lubrication, ZWZ Group has become a leader in the domestic bearing industry.