ZWZ news:Five to five sprint to new goals

Affected by factors such as the epidemic, international shipping schedules are unstable. The entire staff of ZWZ wind power bearing company worked hard to rush the order, and it only took 15 days to complete the processing of the 4.XMW order products exported to the world-renowned wind turbine manufacturer, successfully catching up with the March shipping schedule, and ensuring the timely delivery of customers to factories in Europe, Asia-Pacific and other regions.

This year, ZWZ wind power bearing company has set new operating indicators, and the monthly production tasks have increased significantly year-on-year, especially in March, the orders have reached a new high. In order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of all employees to strive for excellence, achieve a high start in the first quarter, a "double over half" in the second quarter, a new start in the third quarter, and a new high in the four seasons, and fully complete various business objectives and tasks, ZWZ Wind Power Bearing Company launched a "sprint new The goal is to take off and start a new journey" to strive for excellence in competition activities. All staff are safe, abiding by rules and regulations, and there are no accidents. Quality and competition guarantee quality and no scraps. Reasonable organization than management and competition does not procrastinate.

2022 ZWZ Slewing bearing order

The well-known domestic construction machinery manufacturing enterprises are in urgent need of the installation of crawler crane bearings.ZWZ completed the processing of the products in only 12 days, meeting the supporting needs of customers. The 6.XMW fan supporting bearings produced by well-known domestic fan manufacturers are difficult to process in multiple processes due to their large size, and the process requirements are special. The technical and quality personnel tracked the service on the production site, and the products were successfully mass-produced.

Sprinting for new goals and blowing new horns. The production site of ZWZ Wind Power Bearing Company was busy, and all production lines were full of firepower to meet orders. Up to now, ZWZ has completed the processing tasks of thousands of sets of products in March. All employees are working hard to create new production records.