ZWZ story:When production meets quality inspection

Yang Xu, the presetting manager of ZWZ spherical roller bearing company, and Jiang Xiuna, the quality engineer, are a loving couple. They are college classmates. After graduation, they came to work in ZWZ together. They bought a house here, became a family, and gave birth to a baby.

ZWZ production couple

By default, there are few people and complicated work. Yang Xu is very busy and fulfilling every day. He has long tracked the changing process of each process and made improvements for each link. "The company's production scale continues to expand. I want to continuously improve the operator's changing efficiency by simplifying tooling and standardizing adjustment parameters." Yang Xu said that when standardizing the setting of the inner raceway R, there is a need for channel changing. After preparing the tooling, he called Jiang Xiuna, who was checking product quality at the production site, to help cooperate with the operator in R testing and recording.

As a quality engineer, Jiang Xiuna conducts quality inspections every day, collects on-site product data, conducts data analysis, and organizes standard documents. "Sometimes the data can't be sorted out in a hurry. I will ask Yang Xu to help me input the data into the computer, and he will help me record the data as soon as possible. Of course, he has to obey my quality control in production!" Jiang Xiuna said with a smile, "production" With "quality", the two promote each other in work, learn from each other in learning, and care for each other in life.

In the sixth year that the couple came to ZWZ, they had the crystallization of love, which brought challenges to the dual-career family whose parents are in other places. Under the care and understanding of the company's leaders, during the days when the baby needed to be taken care of, one worked the day shift and the other worked the night shift, taking turns to do housework and take care of the baby. Although it was very hard, the family was happy and happy together.

"The baby is two and a half years old in the blink of an eye. We support each other, and life will get better and better." Jiang Xiuna and Yang Xu are full of confidence in the future.