ZWZ Group focuses on solving the problem of stuck neck project

Research on bearings for high-speed train bogies, development of multi-row tandem thrust roller bearings, ultra-precision manufacturing and testing technology of rolling bearings, insulating bearing technology, breakthroughs in simulation technology from static to dynamic quality, etc. In 2021, ZWZ Group focus on key points and comprehensive grade of bearings has been improved, and more than 140 kinds of bearings have been substitues of international bearings, driving the market increment by more than 500 million yuan.

ZWZ wind bearing production

As key basic components, bearings directly determine the performance, quality and reliability of major equipment and host products. The independent intellectual property rights and core technologies of domestic high-end bearings are relatively lacking, and many high-end bearings rely on imports. In this regard, the National Large-scale Bearing Engineering Technology Research Center of ZWZ Group has carried out common technologies such as bearing dynamics, thermodynamics, force characteristics, lubrication characteristics and stiffness. Research and develop 10 performance analysis programs such as bearing load distribution, contact stress and oil film thickness. The company also conducts in-depth research on bearing dynamic simulation technology and related common technologies, explores bearing multi-body dynamics, dynamic mechanical characteristics, fatigue life, bearing thermal characteristics and other simulation technologies, and moves into the dynamic field in an all-round way.

zwz simulation caculation

ZWZ Group closely follows the cutting-edge technology, and gradually realizes the integrated research and development mode of bearing design, simulation, process, testing and testing, and comprehensively improves the technical content of new products. The multi-row tandem thrust roller bearings developed by the company have the characteristics of small radial design, high axial force, long life, low friction and high reliability. It occupies a place in the high-end bearing market. Carry out basic research on sliding bearings, and jointly establish a sliding mechanism research team with Tsinghua University. This year, bearing samples will be produced and testing machines will be designed. Cooperated with 21 universities and research institutes, established 3 industry-university-research alliances, and tackled 25 key technologies throughout the year.

At present, ZWZ Group is strengthening basic theory and key common technology research, making up for shortcomings, strengths and weaknesses, forging long boards, and improving levels, tackling key problems in the "stuck neck" project, creating key fist products, and comprehensively enhancing the core competitiveness of the enterprise .