ZYS Precision Components Division launched the new version of FMEA application exchange

In order to effectively improve the application level of the IATF16949 quality management system and promote the technical personnel to learn and use the FMEA quality tools in the IATF16949 quality management system, on April 14th, the Precision Components Division and the Quality Assurance Department of ZYS held a new FMEA exchange seminar for the automotive industry. More than ten Technical representatives attended the meeting.

As a technical risk analysis tool, FMEA can effectively reduce waste loss, reduce costs, and improve product and process safety. At the meeting, Jian Xueli, Minister of Quality Assurance Department, and Liu Qiuxiang, lecturer, analyzed the changes of the new version of FMEA in detail, described the seven steps of FMEA analysis, and emphasized that in the application process, technicians should clarify the logical thinking of the analysis project and the corresponding relationship before and after , and take the forging process as an example to guide how to carry out the conversion strategy between the old and new versions. Through on-site Q&A, the bottleneck problems encountered by technicians in the application process have been effectively solved.