Ownership Transformation Breath New Life into SBGC(2)

Keep the Traditional Staff Training Method Mr. Zhan, president of SBGC, said that the greastest fortune that state-owned enterprise left us are talents. In such an age that modern technologies and high-end equipments are widely used, repairman and maintenance worker has become a role as important as managing talents in the bearing industry. We all know that the repairing skills can't be learned from textbook, it's a result of long-term accumulation of working experiences. The traditional training method of state-owned enterprise can be generalized as a sophistigated staff cultivate a fresh hand staff by the principles of helping, teaching and demonstration. It's this traditional way that cultivated so many talents for the enterprise. Concerning the quality of workers in state owned enterprise, Mr.Zhan said,"In short, the quality of these workers are obviously higher than those working in private enterprises. Private enterprise have congenital defects in cultivating workers." In China, the state owned enterprise pay more attention to workers training and cultivating, so their workers have more responsibility than those from private enterprises. According to Mr.Zhan, the achievement of SBGC, to a large extent, based on the contribution of elder talents who worked in the former SBGC and now go on staying. Currently, SBGC keep the traditional training method and encourage staffs to participate various training courses. After they finished the training courses and got their certificates, the company will pay all their training fees. Concerning staffs' welfare, the company provide all staffs with health care, retirement pension; to those excellent technical and managing staffs, welfare oriented public housing distribution benefit is available. Using the Advantage of Ownership to Encourage Staffs There are three advantages of private enterprises, they are clearly established ownership, flexible mechnism and self-determination. It's easy for private enterprise to adopt or deny some suggestion or anything else about the company. But to state owned enterprise, it is so hard and inconvenient. Because every action of the state owned enterprises has to be approved by higher administrative department. Before the ownership transformation, brain drain in SBGC was serious. Lots of staffs left for a higer salary which they can get in other companies. To solve this problem, the management of SBGC decided to distribute bonus shares among the technical staffs and managing staffs. This method which is seldom used among similar industries is effective. It help SBGC out of the brain drain crisis.